A blog-brain

Since Luis and I created this blog (back in 2009!), it has changed quite a bit, to the point that I am actually writing these lines in a different language to the one we used when we started. I moved to English because there is no escape from it in science, and it is about science that we talk about in the blog (just so you know).

The purpose of the blog is still the same though: to explain scientific experiments or just scientific concepts in a (very) informal manner.

Throughout the years I managed to convinced some people to participate in the blog and share some of their ideas (or explain those of others) in several posts. But in the end, it is just me, and that’s why posts are scarce: I am not a PhD student anymore.

Hope you like what you find. Maybe you like it so much that you will need to learn Spanish to be able to read the almost 100 posts Luis and I wrote back in Alicante, when I was doing my PhD and did not care much about the future.

Manuel Molano